After more than a decade of teaching tennis at the Woodmen Valley courts, Kim is no longer the head tennis professional for this location as. The city appointed a new director of tennis for Memorial Park who is now also in charge of all of the city courts, including Woodmen and unfortunately, Kim was not able to work out an agreement with him to continue teaching there.


Marc Knutila is the Memorial Park Tennis Center contact. Please contact him if you have any questions or comments about the situation ( ​). If you have any questions about other tennis options in the area, please feel free to contact Kim - she would be happy to help you find a capable tennis pro based on your needs.


Kim is still a United States Racquet Stringing Association (USRSA) member and is able to service your tennis racquet including re-stringing, re-gripping, grommet strip & head guard replacement, and grip size enlargement. She will help to analyze your game and any physical issues you might have (e.g. tennis elbow) and help you pick the right racquet, string, and grip for your game. See for more information on tennis stringing and more information on Kim's tennis programs.

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